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LVMIS Fellowship Faculty

  • K. Warren Volker, MD, PhD
  • Melissa Gutierrez, MD
  • Jasmine Pedroso, MD, MPH
  • Tammy Kelly, MD
  • Erica Stockwell, DO
  • Yarini Quezada, MD
  • R. Marcus Vennart, MD
  • Sonia Ceballos, MD
  • Sheila Tack, MS, FNP

Subspecialty Faculty


  • Lance Betson, DO (Harbor-UCLA Campus)

Gyn Oncology:

  • Lynn Kowalski, MD, FACOG (Robotics)

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility:

  • Said Daneshmond, MD
  • Bruce Shapiro, MD


  • Mike Verni, MD

General Surgery- Minimally Invasive Surgery:

  • Sean Tsuda, MD, General and Bariatrics
  • Pankaj Bhatnager, MD, General Surgery

Oncology Surgery:

  • Dan Kirgan, MD, Oncology and Breast Surgery

Colorectol Surgery:

  • Leslie Browder, MD

Visiting Faculty:

  • Steven McCarus, MD
  • Joy Brotherton, MD
  • Andrew Brill, MD
  • Mickey Karram, MD